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One Month in Costa Rica

In honor of my first month here, I thought I would make a list of the vast things that I have learned. The good, the bad, and all of the in-between.

1. "Ticos" are a super friendly people. I walked past one of my students' houses last weekend and when her family saw me, they invited me in for coffee. It's an awesome community.
2. Walking as a main mode of transportation is surprisingly enjoyable. It's great exercise and it is refreshing to be walking in such a beautiful place. I have also found that I prioritize my trips much more than when I had a car available. The downside is when I do want to go places other than during the day, I have to make sure I'm not alone or have a vehicle to take me home.
3. Starbucks ain't got nothing on Costa Rican coffee. It is 10X better, easily. It is richer, stronger, and the flavor is simply better. From someone who only drinks Starbucks coffee with lots of honey and skim milk, when I say that I can drink this coffee black, that's really saying something.
4. Traveling to a foreign country on your own with limited access to any form of electronic communication is scary, but I'm living, learning, and doing my best to experience everything that I can.
5. I'm really going to be sad when I have to return to below- freezing temperatures in the states. Even though it's pretty rainy here, it never dips below the upper 50's, and that is a very, very cold day here in Monteverde.
6. There are so many dishes you can make with rice and beans. I never thought such a basic food staple could be so versatile.
7. I am so grateful for all the things I have been given in my life.
8. Paved roads are a blessing and we should be grateful for them. The resulting headaches from two hours of driving on a dirt/gravel road made me realize this.
9. I have learned many new ESL techniques for future use with students.
10. If fruit were the same prices here as in the United States, I would make smoothies everyday. I bought a lemon the other day, guess how much it cost? Six cents, seriously. Plus you can pick fruit from trees lining the roads here as well.

And, there are many more things, but I won't bore you with the rest :] One more month left, and I hope to gain as many new experiences as I have during the first!

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Enjoy your time. You'll be home soon !

by Susan eppley

I know it's going more and more quickly! Miss you guys!

by Grace

Thanks for the update. I do enjoy reading about your experiences in Costa Rica. When you're back I hope you have time to come over one night and show us some recipes. I'll get all the ingredients. Especially, if the main ingredients are rice & beans!
See you soon!

by Lynn

Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm so glad things are going well. Enjoy the next month!

by Glen

I love reading all of your posts! I cannot even tell you how excited I am to try the coffee. That's amazing you can drink it black. Maybe I can too! I love how the "Ticos" are so friendly. I would love it we could bring that kind of friendliness to the states. Also, 6 cents??? Holy moly! I would make smoothies everyday too!

Cannot wait to see you! Enjoy the rest of your time there. It is going by so fast! xoxo

by Julia

You will loooooove it! Though, not sure it beats First Watch :p I can't wait to see you either darling!

by graceeppley

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